> Research and meeting sessions between national and international artists
> Sound and visual productions and public events
> A new collaborative platform in a network of artists and partner venues to produce, disseminate and promote artists
> A transdisciplinary lever with a resolutely independent artistic orientation intended for emerging artists with unique proposals
> Professional experimental situations highlighting the artistic and human processes in the creation of unique moments and singular objects
> A local, national and international area of activity
> A database of professional contacts between artists, curators, producers and distributors
> Linking artists and audiences outside of « disciplinary » divisions

19 MARS Productions

# 19 MARS Records = sound and visual production (cds, vinyls, k7, streaming, graphics, photo documentation, texts, editions)
# 19 MARS Pictures = video production (clips, documentaries, streaming)
# 19 MARS Sessions = research sessions and recording sessions (sound & video
19 MARS Events
collaborations with venues and partners
# 19 MARS Performxx = public performances, sets, indoor/outdoor actions
# 19 MARS Happenings = meetings for artists, producers, curators, distributors


Founders of 19 MARS, Farida Amadou and Jérôme Mayer created this label in order to share their experiences and their visions of artists who are now producers.

Bass player Farida develops both in solo and in many collective projects magnetizing her a path with multiple origins in the vast fields of free improvisation, integrating musical, choreographic, poetic and visual arts scenes. Nourished by deliberately new experiences and situations chosen to be unique, her music evolves in sound performance. Her connections with artists, producers and distributors of a large international experimental music scene bring her projects to the present and to the future in close proximity on a global scale.

Jérôme makes films and videographic devices where time, the here and now hold the key. Alone or in collaboration, he initiates curatorial projects exploring the singular fringes of emerging art with partners and artists and curators for whom performative practice plays an essential role. Linked to independent European dissemination spaces, involved in cross-border networks, he also teaches in Fine Arts in Liège.